16 of the Best Podcasts for Marketers, Social Media Pros, & Growth Hackers in 2016

Once seen as an out of favor medium, podcasts have hit a new renaissance due to the ubiquity of smartphones. For social media and marketing professionals, podcasts can serve as a great means for staying up on the latest trends in the fields or hearing about what is top of mind for industry leaders. Now you can listen to these conversations easily and routinely, whether it is during activities like the daily commute, working out, cooking, or something else.

This past year I started tapping into the power of podcasts for learning about what is being discussed in the larger marketing field and the return has been unbelievable. Now that we’ve kicked off a new year, here are 16 of my favorite podcasts for social media, marketing, and growth hacking in 2016.

This Old Marketing (Joe Pulizzi & Robert Rose/PNR)

Average episode length: 1 hour, Updated: Weekly

Content Marketing Institute’s founders Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose tackle the latest news relating to content marketing in the weekly podcast. They also debate industry news in their ‘rants’ and ‘raves’ and provide an example of historic content marketing. Even if you aren’t involved in content marketing, there is great information that the pair talk about that can spring new ideas or, at the very least, entertain.

Sophisticated Marketers Podcast (Jason Miller/LinkedIn)

Average episode length: 30–45 minutes, Updated: Intermittently

At one point in 2015, the Sophisticated Marketers Podcast was being delivered on a bi-weekly basis. But, it now seems host Jason Miller has pared the show back to a monthly offering. Either way, Miller interviews some of the best and brightest in the digital marketing field in each episode, and adds some great insights and flare himself.

Simply Social (Lucy Hitz & Kevin Shivley/Simply Measured)

Average episode length: 20–30 minutes, Updated: Intermittently

Like the Sophisticated Marketers Podcast, new episodes of Simply Social have been slightly less frequent than they had been over 2015. Each episode is hosted by Lucy Hitz and Kevin Shively of Simply Measured, in which they discuss news from the social marketing space, great campaigns, and analytics tactics. Simply Social is a great way to hear about what is going on in the social space with a deeper dive into analytics that can’t be found in the other podcasts on this list.

Maximize Your Social (Neal Schaffer)

Average episode length: 20 minutes, Updated: Weekly

Social media mastermind Neal Schaffer covers all the angles of social media marketing in this podcast. Episodes span topics from the best practices for each social media channel to interviewing leaders in the social media field in a short and easily digestible format.

Social Pros Podcast (Jay Baer & Adam Brown/Convince&Convert)

Average episode length: 45 minutes, Updated: Weekly

Tagged as interviewing “real people doing real work in social media,” Jay Baer and Adam Brown talk insights with leading social media professionals. Current trends and ideas in the social media industry are introduced and debated — although the inside and behind-the-scenes stories of how brands and organizations are utilizing social media are the show’s strength.

Marketing Nerds (Search Engine Journal)

Average episode length: 30 minutes, Updated: Weekly

Marketing Nerds is primarily hosted by Kelsey Jones, but Brent Csutoras, Danielle Antosz, and Caitlin Rulien also take the reigns at times. Episodes are based around interviews with experts in SEO, Paid Media, Social, Entrepreneurship, and Content Marketing. The SEO and SEM focus of the show differentiates it from many of the others on the list.

Marketing Smarts (MarketingProfs)

Average episode length: 30 minutes, Updated: Weekly

MarketingProfs release a new episode each week that feature in-depth interviews with a wide variety of marketing professionals. The podcast “delivers actionable insights and real advice to help you market smarter.”

The Growth Show (HubSpot)

Average episode length: 20-30 minutes, Updated: Weekly

The Growth Show is hosted by HubSpot CMO Kipp Bodner. In each episode, Bodnar interviews people who have instituted rapid growth on some level and discusses how the growth was achieved. The podcast is described as “a business podcast for leaders consumed with driving growth — growing a company, growing a movement, growing an idea, growing a team.”

Content Pros (Randy Frisch & Chris Moody/Convince&Convert)

Average episode length: 30 minutes, Updated: Weekly

Another podcast from Convince&Convert on the list comes in the form of Content Pros. The hosts interview leaders in the content marketing field to learn about strategy, operations, measurement, staffing and more.

The Marketing Huddle (Stan Smith & Laura Click)

Average episode length: 20 minutes, Updated: Weekly

Stan Smith and Laura Click take to their weekly podcast “to deliver the practical marketing playbook you need to succeed.” With episodes like “What the Heck is Growth Hacking?,” “Top Social Marketing Trends in 2016,” and “Should Your Business Advertise in the Yellow Pages?” a wide variety of interesting topics are often covered.

Six Pixels of Separation (Mitch Joel/Mirum)

Average episode length: 40 minutes, Updated: Weekly

Mirum President, Mitch Joel, brings insights on digital marketing from his extensive agency background. Episodes can range from hot topics in digital marketing to business leadership, which offers a well-rounded collection of important marketing themes.

Duct Tape Marketing (John Jantsch)

Average episode length: 20 minutes, Updated: Weekly

Duct Tape Marketing is a short and direct podcast produced by John Jantsch. Jantsch dives into interviews with authors, experts and thought leaders sharing business marketing tips, tactics and resources. The emphasis of the show is on helping those in small to medium businesses improve their marketing efforts.

The Marketing Book Podcast (Douglas Burdett/Artillery Marketing)

Average episode length: 30 minutes, Updated: Weekly

Douglas Burdett, a marketing agency principal, former artillery officer, Madison Avenue ad man, and stand-up comedian hosts the podcast that includes interviews with authors “to help you discover new ideas about what’s working in the quickly changing field of modern marketing.” Burdett is a great host and the show certainly hits its desired mark.

Social Media Marketing Podcast (Michael Stelzner/Social Media Examiner)

Average episode length: 45 minutes, Updated: Weekly

Through the Social Media Marketing Podcast, Michael Stelzner delivers practical how-to advice in the social media world. Episodes are centered around interviews with experts who provide information and step-by-step guides of how to implement different elements that will enhance your social media marketing.

Marketing Over Coffee (John Wall & Christopher Penn)

Average episode length: 20 minutes, Updated: Weekly

Hosts John Wall, VP of Marketing at EventHero and Christopher Penn,VP of Marketing Technology at SHIFT Communications discuss the latest marketing topics in a local coffee shop every week. As the pair say, “each show is about 20 minutes long and is filled with the kinds of marketing tips and tricks that you can only get from casual conversation outside of the office.”

HBR Ideacast (Sarah Green Carmichael/Harvard Business Review)

Average episode length: 15 minutes, Updated: Weekly

Taking a step back from marketing, the HBR Ideacast is a great resource for practical management and business advice. The show is hosted by Sarah Green Carmichael, in which she interviews leaders in these two fields. The episodes are short and worthwhile in learning some broader business, management, and leadership principles.

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